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The Philosophy of our Care Home in Eastbourne

Our philosophy of care revolves solely around the health, happiness, and mental wellbeing of our care home residents. We make it our priority to enhance the quality of our residents’ lives where they can exercise choice and control over how they spend their time. We encourage positive contributions and always treat our residents with the upmost dignity and respect. Our philosophy is underpinned by our dedication to personalised care that respects our residents, which we do through our following service promises.

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    We believe in providing our residents with plenty of activities whilst pursuing their own hobbies and interests. We have a weekly activities list at our Eastbourne residential care home that has proved very popular with our residents.

    We have monthly pet visits so residents can interact with rabbits, guinea pigs, and even rats! These visits are very social and engaging, but we do also ask permission of the residents who prefer to stay in their rooms if we may enter and introduce them to the pets, too.

    Monthly exercise classes to get people on their feet and moving, live singers every two months to dance along to, and regular outings to the local community and parks are also very popular with our residents.

    Amongst these regularly organised activities, we of course offer plenty of games, films, and puzzles to be enjoyed. We encourage fun, engagement, and keeping minds and bodies active through communal and individual activities.

    • Communication and Respect

      We hold monthly meetings for our residents, where we encourage them to share their views and opinions on the operation of our care home. These are taken into consideration and appropriate suggestions will be implemented. This allows us to keep all channels of communication open with our residents so we can continue to deliver personalised and updated services. We also respect the religious beliefs of our care home residents, so a monthly religious service is held and is a multi-domination service.

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        Privacy and Dignity

        We take our care home residents’ privacy very seriously, and always make sure to respect the personal space and boundaries preferred by the individuals in our care. They may use their private bedroom at any point throughout the day and may entertain visitors in their rooms without any interference from staff or other residents. Our team members will always knock when wishing to enter a resident’s room so as not to invade their space. As a mental health care home in Eastbourne, we are understanding and trained in supporting residents with some mild mental health concerns such as anxiety and depression. Should residents prefer, they may take some or all of their meals in their room if they do not wish to sit in the communal dining area.

        • Visitors

          Because our residential care home seeks to maximise the freedom our residents have and how they choose to spend their time, there is no set time for visitors. All are welcome, family and friends, and the only request we have is that visitors avoid meal times as residents may forgo their meals in this case. However, meals can be arranged for visitors so residents can eat with their guests, and coffee and tea are readily served too.