About Us

About Us

We work hard to continually provide a warm and friendly atmosphere for our residents so that they always feel comfortable, at home, and in control of their own lives. The team at the Chase Home set themselves very high standards to adhere to, and we always strive to exceed even our own expectations for our residents’ care and independence.

Our aim is to treat each of our residents as individuals and to continue to facilitate their individual interests, hobbies, and lifestyle preferences. Our team of staff are committed and caring with incomparable attention to detail, allowing our care to always be sensitive and tailored to each individual resident.

Our residential care home in Eastbourne cares for 24 older people and supports them in living and pursuing their own lives. All of our accommodation has an en suit toilet and w

Our Values

As an organisation, there are certain characteristics that we value. They come together to form our personality. People are recruited because they share these characteristics or values and we try to ensure that all that we do is consistent with them. We hope that all who come into contact with us get a sense of our personality because the values are felt to be real, deeply held and consistently applied. Please see below for more information on our values.

  • Humanity
  • Common sense
  • Creativity
  • Positivity
  • Teamwork
  • Loyality

Our Team

Care is performed and upheld by our team on a daily basis, so we place a strong emphasis on staff training. All of our team members are therefore NVQ level qualified, to maintain our own high standards and provide the best experience for all of our residents.

At the Chase Residential Care Home in Eastbourne, we are also an accessible mental health care home. We respect the privacy and needs of our residents so they don’t feel overwhelmed and can enjoy their own space, taking meals in their room if this is where they choose to. We are able to cater to needs such as mild depression and anxiety, supporting our residents in their ongoing comfort and happiness at our care home. The health, happiness, and wellbeing of residents are our first priority as carers, which is why we continue to provide person-centred care.

Mr. Ale

This Statement of Purpose sets out our aims, objectives, philosophy of care, services and facilities.

Mr. Jake Alen

We provide long-term residential care for 24 older people. We can sometimes also provide short-term respite care.

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