A Day in the Life of Our Residents

At The Chase Residential Care Home in Eastbourne, we are home for 24 older people, who each have their different personality, preferences and tastes. Our aim is to provide care and improved quality of life for all of our residents, meaning we are always flexible with how we run our days at our care home.

If you’re looking for a residential home in Eastbourne for either yourself or a loved one, you may find it useful to learn more about the day to day routine, to help get an idea as to whether our care home will be well-suited as the place for you or them to call home.

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    All our residents wake up when they want to; we have some early risers and some that choose to sleep in. Everyone has different sleeping patterns which is why we believe it is important to have a relaxed approach when it comes to breakfast time.

    We offer breakfast throughout the morning, and all our residents will choose where they’d like to eat. We have a designated dining room, but some choose to take breakfast to the living room or their private bedrooms; it’s completely up to them.

    Our breakfast menu, as with all meals in our residential care home, is designed around what our residents would like and have personally requested. We, of course, offer cereal, toast, porridge, but any special requests can often be met. If a resident would like something we don’t have in our kitchen, a member of staff will pop to the shops and get it!

    • Mid Morning

      Everyone gets ready for the day in their own time, whether that is by themselves, or assisted by one of our carers.

      We understand that some of our residents suffer from mental health illnesses, so at our Eastbourne care home, we like to maintain a relaxed atmosphere with little-to-no timescale, as some do not like to be rushed.

      How our residents spend their morning is completely up to them. We sometimes take a visit to nearby Gildredge Park for tea and cake at the cafe, but if we stay in at the care home, we’ve got a garden, TV in the lounge, and a full range of activities for our residents to partake in, should they wish. If your loved one prefers alone time, we, of course, respect this and offer them the space they need.

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        As with breakfast, we ask our residents to choose what they’d like to eat, and help us create the 4-week rolling menu.

        Lunch is a great time for conversations to flow! We like to encourage socialising and suggest that lunch is taken at the dining table with other care home residents, but of course we want everyone to feel comfortable, so if they would rather eat elsewhere, that is absolutely fine.

        If there is something our residents feel is missing from the menu, we will take their suggestions and pop their recommendations on the next food order and plan the menu according to what they would like.

        • Afternoon

          Afternoons at The Chase Residential Care Home are incredibly adaptable and based on what the residents feel like doing. We have afternoon tea with freshly baked cakes each day at 3pm, and a plethora of group activities for residents to get involved in if they wish to.

          We often have external visits to the care home from singers, entertainers, exercise coaches and animal experts, to name a few, as a way to enhance quality of life for our residents. As well as painting, arts and crafts, and a communal care home noticeboard to keep updated, all residents have many ways on offer to keep their minds occupied.

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            Dinnertime and Bed

            As with all meals in our residential care home in Eastbourne, dinner takes place where and when our residents like, and what is on the menu is chosen by them.
            We don’t have a strict bedtime at The Chase. We understand that everyone likes to go to bed when they like, so if a resident wants to stay up later, that’s fine.

            Our staff are available at all hours, so if anyone needs any help, we are always on hand to offer assistance, whether that’s with going to the toilet, getting a drink, or even going to watch TV! Everyone has full freedom in the residential home at all times, offering the best quality of life and happiness.

            • Get in Touch

              All of our residents are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve, which is essential for them to enjoy an enriched quality of life.

              If you’re looking for a residential care home in Eastbourne for yourself or a loved one, contact The Chase today.

              Give us a call on 01323 722855, email manager@thechasehome.com or use the online contact form to ask any questions you may have.