Quality of Life

We aim to provide a warm and friendly atmosphere for our residents in which they feel at home and in control of their own lives. We want to help and support our residents in continuing to lead an active and fulfilled life.


Admission can either be arranged through the Social Services if you are funded by the Social Services, or directly through the home if you are self funding.



We believe that having ample accommodation that is clean, tidy and well-maintained enhances the quality of life for our residents.


Fire Safety

The home has regular fire checks carried out and all the equipment is regularly serviced. Fire alarms are tested weekly and emergency lights are tested monthly. Staff have fire training at least three times a year and fire drills are randomly carried out approximately every three months.


Care Plans are written by the manager, and either the resident or the residents relative are asked to check the care plans and sign them if they agree that they will meet the needs as discussed at the pre-admission assessment. The manager and the key worker review these care plans monthly, and every six months the resident and the family are asked to attend a care review so that all the plans and assessments can be reviewed in full.


The home has a robust complaints procedure, and complaints are not viewed as detrimental, but as a way for the home to improve the service it supplies, even so we cannot always get everything right for everyone.