Our Services


Our Philosophy of Care

A recent Department of Health publication ‘Our Health, Our Care, Our Say’ has identified aspects of care that are important to people. These are quality of life; exercising choice and control; making a positive contribution; personal dignity and respect; improving health and emotional well-being; economic well-being; and freedom from discrimination and harassment.

These themes underlie our own philosophy of care, and we give examples of how we meet our objectives.



We believe that providing a range of activities, and helping our residents to continue their own hobbies and interests helps to enhance the quality of life for our residents.

Weekly Activities
We have a new weekly activities list, which appears to be quite successful with our current residents. These include a Sherry morning on Sundays, DVD film on Saturdays with popcorn, quizzes and we have an exercise lady who visits on a fortnightly basis.

Residents are also supported and encouraged to pursue their own hobbies and interests.

We also hold quarterly residents meetings, where the views and opinions of the residents are taken into consideration and if possible suggestions are implemented.

Religious services are held in the home monthly by the local PARCHE group and this is a multi-domination service. If residents wish to attend their own church they would have to make their own transport arrangements.

Privacy and Dignity

Residents are entitled to privacy and dignity the same as anyone else. They may use their rooms throughout the day and may entertain visitors in their room without interference. Staff are expected to knock when wishing to enter a residents room. Residents may chose to take some or all of their meals in their room

The menu’s have been updated and allow for a choice at every meal.


There is no set time for visitors, and all are welcome, we would ask that mealtimes are avoided as residents may feel the need Forgo their meal if they have visitors. Meals can be arranged for visitors for a small fee, and coffee and tea can be requested by the resident for their visitors at any time.