Welcome to The Chase Residential Care Home in Eastbourne

Respect, Dignity, and Inclusion

The Chase Residential Care Home in Eastbourne provides long-term residential care for 24 older people, as well as short-term respite care. Our care home isn’t simply a safe place to for you or your loved one to live, but we actively seek opportunities to improve the quality of life. We treat each resident as an individual, so the upmost respect and dignity is afforded to each person in our care.

Your Accessible Mental Health Care Home

We are not like other Eastbourne residential care homes. Our approachable carers are able to cater to residents who may be experiencing mild mental health problems, such as anxiety or depression. We give our residents full control over where and who they spend time with, so they are welcome to spend time in their room and take their meals there if they don’t wish to use our communal spaces and dining room. We completely respect our residents’ privacy, and are able to provide care for those who may be experiencing mild mental health problems.

Quality of Life, Quality of Care

We aim to provide a warm and friendly atmosphere for our residents where they can be in control of their own lives. We organise many monthly activities such as visits from animals like rabbits and guinea pigs, exercise classes, and a visit from a local church group. We also host live singers every 2 months (dancing encouraged) and regularly make outings into the community and local parks. As well as all this, we encourage residents to pursue their own hobbies and interests. We also hold monthly residential meetings where the residents’ views and opinions can be shared and implemented where appropriate.


All of our rooms have an en-suite toilet and wash basin included, and some rooms have a full bathroom with a toilet, and the appropriate mobility facilities can be incorporated. All of our rooms are much larger than the National Minimum Care standards, ensuring each resident receives plenty of their rightful living space. Our residential home in Eastbourne focuses solely on the health, wellbeing, and happiness of our residents, which is why we aim to provide each individual with ample personal space and the capacity to choose when they utilise this space.

Whether you are seeking a respite residential care home in Eastbourne for yourself or for a loved one, The Chase Residential Care Home has the warm and friendly atmosphere you are seeking. Find out more about our availability by calling 01323 722855, send us an email at manager@thechasehome.com, or enquire online today.

Core Features


Our Health, Our Care, Our Say

This themes underlie our philosophy of care. We provide a service in which they feel at home and in control of their own lives.

Quality of Life

Ample accommodation that is clean, tidy and well maintained enhances the quality of life for our residents.

Our Team

We appoint our staff for their warmth, kindness and understanding for the elderly.

Our Services



Ample accommodation that is clean, tidy and well-maintained enhances the quality of life for our residents.


We provide a range of activities, to enhance the quality of life for our residents.

Privacy and Dignity

Residents are entitled to privacy and dignity the same as anyone else.